Best Practice was for Yesterday!  

Best Thinking and doing is the key to success in today’s VUCA World.  

We live in a rapidly changing world.

We live in a world of rapid change, and the pace can be breathtaking. A rate of rapid change like this creates V.U.C.A – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity & Ambiguity.  

VUCA causes fear, and fear causes inaction because when people don’t know what’s coming next, they tend to dwell on the dangers and hazards of what might happen, which are primarily out of their immediate control. 

The nature of VUCA is organic. VUCA is viral, and if left unchecked, VUCA mutates and multiplies, and it is sweeping people and organisations along with it.  

A VUCA environment demands that we look at new ways of motivating and returning our businesses to a profitable state. Meaning, a business leaders’ challenge is to learn how to operate in a continuous state of VUCA.  

VUCA presents enormous challenges for us as business leaders, yet it also offers potentially huge benefits.

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