Business and Executive Coaches in Yorkshire

Business and Executive Coaching in Yorkshire​

There are some great Business and Executive Coaches in Yorkshire.

Executive and Business Coaching should be an advantageous experience. But, often, clients don’t get a good experience, and as a result, many business people are sceptical about the benefits of coaching. 

I think this is because there is a misconception about Executive and Business Coaching. There is a diverse understanding among coaching clients about what coaching is and what it isn’t. 

Most of us are familiar with the term Coaching because we hear about sportspeople getting a new performance coach; defensive coach, mindset coach, conditioning coach, nutrition coach etc. 

You might be forgiven then for assuming that a Business Coach will be similarly “performance-based” and will Coach business skills. And sign up a business coach because it makes good business sense, and you need to improve performance in a given area of your business.   

Academic institutions and coaching awarding bodies have taken a different path, teaching what they term as “pure coaching”. Coaches are encouraged to follow what is described as a “pure coaching” process without blending it with other “modalities”. Business Coaches trained by these institutions are taught to “draw out” the client’s wisdom rather than offer specific advice or guidance. Pure coaching dictates, teaching and advice-giving have no place in a coaching relationship. It’s all about asking questions and helping your clients “find their own answers.”

The problem with this definition of coaching is that it causes many people who have direct experience in what their client is going through to hold back instead of offering a valuable shortcut. This is where, in my opinion, the academic philosophy can start to hinder the development of business leaders.

Although I have my suspicions about why this “process” is taught and why so many people want to pay a lot of money for this type of qualification, I am not entirely sure why academic institutions have taken an alternative direction to sports-based coaching. From a business performance point of view, I can’t see why it would make any sense. 

I feel that this is primarily to blame for the scepticism, and I think this is a real shame because many businesses could be doing so much better with a little bit of appropriate coaching. 

In my opinion, for the client to receive the best experience and ROI from Coaching, they must get the best possible fit with a coach, and I just don’t feel that one size can possibly fit all. 

I believe the Coach must have appropriate knowledge and expertise, the relevant experience gained at a suitable level of seniority, a proper methodology and most important of all, a compatible personality. 

So, by that belief, I recognise my coaching isn’t for everyone, I might not be suitable for you, and you might not be right for me. 

Here is a list of coaches from across the Yorkshire region. 

For Career Coaching, try:

Melanie Allen –

For a start-up tech businesses, try Hayley Erner –

For Empowering Female Leaders and Lawyers, try Nikki Alderson –

If you want to be asked loads of questions and have your belief’s challenged, you could try Richard Bosworth, a Business Coach based in Harrogate. You can reach Richard here –

For Managers looking to meet work-related goals in the public sector, Joanne Rule at Healthy Conversations. Joanne Coaches in York, Leeds and Doncaster –

For a franchise approach to Coaching, you could try Vistage. As a prominent American Coaching franchise, there is likely to be a Vistage Chair near you –

If you are looking for a specific type of consultant or Interim in the Yorkshire area, you might try Consult Yorkshire. Consult Yorkshire has a network of high calibre, Yorkshire based, independent consultants, managers and interims –

For Life Coaching or dealing with anxiety and stress, Natures Coaching who are based in Worksop could help –

For NLP coaching and training, counselling and training in the workplace, Ian Wallace, who is based in Wakefield and works in the Yorkshire area –

For the design and implementation of organisational culture change projects and innovative learning and development programmes, Dave Levine might be your Man. Dave supports individuals facing redundancy and change sportspeople. –

Perhaps Jonathan Stokes is a good coaching option for you. Jonathan comes from a background in theatre. Jonathan uses a “pure coaching style” including guided questioning and diagnostic techniques. Jonathan ensures his clients are free to explore topics in a non-judgemental, confidential and client-focused setting –

If you are looking for a business coach from a Blue Chip learning and development background you could try Phil Morgan. –

If you would like to be coached by a professional coach who is from a public service background you might try Andrew Wood from Osprey Coaching who coaches from his base in Ilkley West Yorkshire. Andrew uses a psychological-based approach to Executive Coaching, which enables clients to achieve their coaching goals and sustain long-term successes. –

Another franchise group for Coaches is Action Coach. Action Coach are a worldwide Coaching organisation, they have many coaches in the Yorkshire area who operate within the Action Coach Franchise network.

If you are a “Solopreneur”, and looking for a business coach, you could try Ros Jones who works for the Coaching Franchise Action Coach. Ros is based in Scarborough and can be found here – Ros Jones

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