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Are you sure Teamwork leads to better results?

Teamwork does not always lead to better results Business Leadership Teams need Coaching.  I am going to tell you why Business Leadership Team Coaching is important and why you should invest in it. We are all familiar with the “given” … Read More

But what if you had a Smartwatch?

But if you had a smartwatch? So, I watched the Antiques Roadshow this week, and during one particular consultation, the expert explained to an astonished client that they had a sought after watch. And this got me thinking about my … Read More

It’s a State of Mind

It’s a state of Mind Two Soldiers stand with heavy backpacks looking up at a hill in Southern Afghanistan; a heavily armed enemy pursues them. The hill is precisely 400-metres. But after the mental and physical fatigue of fierce combat, … Read More

Your Response to VUCA Could Save Your Business

Your response to VUCA could save your business VUCA is an acronym originally coined by the US military, to describe the intense uncertainty brought by seismic change.  VUCA stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity. A key driver of fear, it’s fair … Read More

How to harness VUCA for business success.

How to harness VUCA for business success Preparing for battle: how to harness VUCA for business success in 2021 “Company heads were urged to build resilience, agility, and flexibility.  Yet, most continued to lead businesses as usual… until the four horsemen … Read More

Fish and Chips

Fish and Chips No one ever said that running a business was easy, and if they ever did, they would be lying.  Being a business leader, especially in today’s world, is tough, very tough. The entire business landscape is completely … Read More

What is VUCA, and why do you need to understand it?

What is VUCA, and why do you need to understand it? WHAT IS VUCA? Sometimes referred to as “the fog of war”, the military coined the acronym “VUCA” in the late 1980s. VUCA is an acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity … Read More

Team Motivation 101

Team Motivation 101 In business, we often talk about Team Motivation and look to the team members who “want it” more than others. These are the people who arrive early, work hard all day in pursuit of a target or … Read More