One-One Executive Coaching

Every form of natural existence has a rhythm to it. A heartbeat, a daily set of rituals, a seasonal harvest cycle, an annual calendar, the sun rises each morning – all have an identifiable cadence.


As a human being, it is no different. Continually running flat-out in all directions without exhaling is not the optimal rhythm for any individual, the businesses they lead or their loved ones.   


The Touchline Coach Programme is a motivational Executive Support system, for business leaders who are trying to excel.  It’s an antidote to combat the adverse effects of increasing competition, pressure, negativity and stress within our Business World. 

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Business Coaching – Strategy to Action

We live in a rapidly changing world, and huge threats and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities will co-exist. It is an exciting time to be a business leader and will be a defining moment for many of us. 

My belief and experience are that people can and will achieve remarkable things under the most challenging conditions. Your role as a business leader is to optimise the result of that effort through Positive Leadership. 

People respond to Positive Leadership if you allow a void in Leadership or Negativity to creep within your organisation. Someone or something will fill that void.  Make sure it is of your choosing. 

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We come across many non executives as a private equity investor and many make little impact. We have used Trevor on a number of occasions where we want to see results. He delivers in navigating difficult managerial issues and focuses the team on what really counts.
Ian Currie
Managing Partner - Seneca Partners