Frequently asked questions

Team Coaching Fee Structure

I Coach and support Leadership Teams in 3 Month blocks:

Teams of 2-3 = £5,000 + VAT per block

For Teams of 4 and above add £1,000 per Team Member. 

Individual Coaching and Support Fee Structure

I provide coaching and support services in 3 Month blocks each block is charged at £3,000 + VAT.

My clients vary; from Family Firms, PE-backed Management Teams, Chief Executives and successful Independent Business Owners.


Some are looking to deliver a “Stretch” Business plan and that next level of performance.  Some are under immense pressure to stay afloat, and sometimes for varying reasons, the management team has lost it’s confidence to deliver a plan.  


Some teams want independent outside support and challenge, to help define a focused strategic plan directly linked to the numbers. 


What is typical, though:

  • My Clients are all decision-makers, they don’t need to ask for permission to make business decisions; 
  • My 1-1 coaching Clients are typically high net worth individuals or have an annual income of at least £150,000 per annum;
  • They all require discretion and confidentiality;
  • They are naturally influential leaders;
  • They can see the point of a Coach but are, initially at least, sceptical;
  • They don’t suffer fools;
  • They don’t want to be “told what to do”;
  • They have a bias for action;
  • They are always future based and want to achieve more. 

Chances are you are reading this because someone has told you about me. I don’t talk about my clients, but I am honoured when they choose to speak positively about me, and generally, that’s how my Coaching Practice has grown – by word of mouth and personal referral.

You can read my Confidentiality and Strategic Executive Coaching statement here.   

The Touchline Coach Programme is a motivational Executive Coaching and support system for private clients trying to excel in a world of increasing competition, pressure, and negativity.

I am based in East Yorkshire.

I work remotely across the UK via Zoom. 

Physically, I travel to meet with clients and teams across within the Yorkshire area. 

Keep your team ahead of the wave