Teams in Action

Teams in Action

By Coaching Teams in Action, I adopt “real life” experience to inform my approach to coaching business teams. I test my approach by Coaching Teams who are attempting to achieve ambitious goals in arduous conditions which have a high degree of V.U.C.A – Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. 
The advantage of combining years of business experience with the experience of expedition teams ensures that my Coaching approach gets tested in the real world and remains steeped in front line thinking.

The Worlds Most Dangerous Ocean Row.  

One of my Teams in Action is Ocean revival, a group of Royal Marines raising awareness for the plastic destroying our oceans with an epic row across the North Atlantic totalling approximately 3,700 miles from The Brooklyn Bridge in New York City to Tower Bridge London.

What is V.U.C.A and why do you need to understand it

Your Response to V.U.C.A and why it’s important

How to Harness V.U.C.A for business success

Undertaking a challenge steeped in V.U.C.A, The Ocean Revival team plans to row across the North Atlantic Ocean, which is a feat that only 57 people in history have achieved. The crossing has been attempted a total of 72 times, with 29 successes, over 43 failures and which has sadly taken 6 ocean rowers lives.

None have rowed from New York To London – The Ocean Revival team aims to be the first.

The Ocean Revival team will have a relentless rowing routine of two hours rowing and two hours resting for up to 60 days. Whilst battling the ferocious weather systems of the North Atlantic; huge freezing swells over the Mid Atlantic Ridge; sleep deprivation; sea sickness and the constant war against being wet, cold and hungry for its entirety; the team have one aim – to raise awareness for the Plastic in our Oceans and the Royal Marines Family.

New York

The New York phase will see the team based out of New Jersey in the vicinity of Liberty Landing Marina as that is where the boat will be moored as we await a weather window. The row will see the team punch out of NY, rowing hard for the first few days to escape the messy currents and wind created where land and ocean meet. This is also the most challenging time for the crew as their bodies adapt to being at sea and working hard with very little sleep. 

Just like any new business environment; V.U.C.A, Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity will be prevalent as the team battle physically and mentally. After a week or so, things should stabilise as new routines kick in and the team begin to adapt and settle into a new route. 

Latest update 


Location – New York

Distance made good – 0-NM”s

To go – 3,700 NM’s

General Update – As the Team prepares, they are busy making up 280 snack packs for the 70-day Row, which you can imagine is pretty time-consuming. The Team are also spending time rehearsing safety drills and procedures, including Man overboard drills.  The Team are hoping to have everything packed and rehearsed by the end of Friday 14th. Rushing things at the expense of attention to detail at this stage of the game isn’t sensible.


Location – New York

Distance made good – 0-NM”s

To go – 3,700 NM’s

General Update – The Team have travelled from Antigua to New York and are now awaiting an appropriate weather window. The latest forecast suggests that there isn’t an appropriate weather window for the next 10 days.  

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