Business Mentor and Advisor

business mentor and advisor

Advisor and Mentor – As your Business Advisor and Mentor, I will focus your energy on your strategy. If you don’t have a fully formed strategic plan, we will create one. 

Strategic Planning – Alongside your plan, we will create a route map to line up your team alongside you and your business plan, a mutually supportive environment to give you and your business the best opportunity to succeed.   

Depth of Knowledge – I am financially and operationally literate; I am equally at home around the board table, with the sales team, in the workshop or on the warehouse floor. 

Operator and Technical – As your business advisor, I can support you with many day-to-day operational and technical business decisions that confront you, from sales and marketing to banking and funding. 

Liaison with Professional Relationships – I have led facility negotiations, covenant setting and coordination with bankers and advisors during challenging periods. I have helped banks to reduce their financial exposure and stabilise distressed businesses. 

Support with Funding and Investment – I work on a non-exclusive basis with several Private Equity firms, private equity houses and UK Clearing Banks. I maintain a close network of Private Equity firms, investors and venture capital contacts. I have raised some £35m of investment on the public markets and £20m from private investors.

What is Private Equity Funding?  

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