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I have nothing but positives to say about Trevor. So professional, hard-working and great support to me not just business-wise but also on a personal level. Honest, reliable and trustworthy, a true gent and I am very lucky to spend time with and know people like Trevor. I know Trevor because we asked him to come in and rescue a business that was in a totally perilous position. Lots of people talk the talk, but Trevor very much walks the walk! I would absolutely recommend Trevor as your  coach.
James Eden
Private Equity Investor - Eden Capital
It has been a real pleasure first of all meeting Trevor and secondly engaging and working with him. For an ex military man he is surprisingly empathetic and perceptive. He is also practical and down to earth and seems to be able to get to the nub of an issue pretty quickly. He doesn't let you off either, you have to show engagement and action and he will hold you to account.   If you can persuade him to coach you, and he is selective, then you have done yourself and your business a favour.   
Stephen Waud
Group Chief Executive - Business Enterprise Fund
I have worked with Trevor on several occasions for over 17 years. His flair for developing sound and commercially viable strategies, sometimes visionary; will make a significant difference to any business, commercial success and the development of those within the company. He's an excellent communicator and motivator. When you work with him, you will know that he doesn't panic and can lead and give sound advice under pressure and in adverse situations.
Simon Tennyson
Private Equity Investor
"It's a rare opportunity to be able to work with a business coach who knows what it is to be an MD or CEO. Trevor knows what its like to be accountable for sales, for cash flow and for peoples lives and careers. He's passionate about people really being the best they can be. Straightforward, honest, direct, he'll always raise the bar on you and challenge you to perform at a higher level."​
Tim Ormrod
MD - Splash Access
I have known and worked with Trevor for 5 years. I have nothing but admiration for him. His ability to think through problems logically and break down complex issues into manageable bite sizes / steps is excellent. He has lots of energy and commitment which when combined with the aforementioned attributes makes him an excellent leader of a team or teams to take on the most difficult issues. His honesty and probity are undoubted and his would be amongst the first names on my dream management team-sheet
Geoff Broomhead
Private Equity Investor & Business Angel
During my time as UK Head of Regional Restructuring at KPMG, I worked with Trev on completing a CVA of a publicly listed company in the UK; this was an complex and challenging project. From the outset, I was impressed with his motivation for taking such a challenging route; he wanted the best for all parties. Despite being pressed by certain parties to take an easier path favourable to them. He delivered an outstanding result in the face of enormous complexity and uncertainty. Resilient, reliable and straight, you want him on your side.
Mark Firmin
Managing Director - Alvarez and Marsal Europe
"My team consists of some very bright, highly intelligent individuals, but I was struggling to get them all focused upon a joint Mission.  I had seen some of the results which Trev was achieving in similar businesses and so approached him.  He ran several team events for me over six months, focusing my team's minds on our mission, attending regular performance reviews and strategy sessions.  We had great success with this approach and resulted in a much more aligned and accountable leadership team with clear KPIs. Critically this resulted in a significant profit improvement across the participating business units. If you want to get your team focused upon a joint mission, I highly recommend you consider using Trev to support you.”
Mike Linter
Global Head of Private Enterprise, Tax and Legal Services UK - KPMG
As a banking professional with over 22 years of experience, it is refreshing to work with a senior executive who knows what they want from bank facilities and what us bankers require to deliver that.  Motivated, direct, and without any edge, Trevor laid out what was needed, enabling us to establish a comfortable working relationship quickly.
Andrew Russell
Regional Director - Santander Corporate Banking
I have worked with Trevor for at least 15 years as a solicitor specialising in Employment Law.  During that time, I have assisted him whilst he has been in a variety of roles in different organisations - across several different industry sectors. Notwithstanding that, on each occasion Trevor was in the position where the 'buck stopped' with him and he was having to make difficult decisions which had real life implications for real people working in those organisations. I do, of course, provide such advice to all manner of employers at different levels and in different areas of industry and Trevor I find is not one to ever lose sight of what those decisions are going to mean for people.  He is also, I should say, not someone who simply seeks to have his already firmly-held decision rubber stamped or to have me simply put a legal gloss on a course of action already decided upon.  He takes the time to listen and is always interested not just to know the legalities but also my experience of other such scenarios.  I think to his credit he always addresses matters with an open mind - even though I know sometimes he is under the sort of pressure that many find difficult to deal with. I would also add, insofar as it is relevant or otherwise, that I have always enjoyed my dealings with him.
Ted Flannigan
Director - Gosschalks Solicitors
We come across many non executives as a private equity investor and many make little impact.  We have used Trevor on a number of occasions where we want to see results. He delivers in navigating difficult managerial issues and focuses the team on what really counts.
Ian Currie
Managing Partner - Seneca Partners
I have worked with Trevor for over three years now, and he has helped me in several positive ways during that time. First and foremost, Trevor always takes the time to understand the business, what makes it work, the business's key metrics, and what we can do to improve them. He immerses himself, identifying what is critical and will make the company a better version of itself. He has an outstanding balance between challenging me and encouraging me. Sometimes I haven't always agreed with his challenges. Still, we have always found a way to understand each others point of view constructively, and this level of challenge has ultimately had a positive impact on the business. Trevor is continuously raising the performance bar, using his knowledge and experience to create a growth culture and drive up performance. From a personal viewpoint, and most importantly, Trevor has given me belief in myself (something that I sometimes struggle with). Ultimately, this belief in me has helped me lead the business to the growth we have seen over the past three years.
Tom Horton
Managing Director - The Insurance Surgery
I first met Trev when he was running his Leadership School. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was about his approach, a relaxed intensity, but I knew I wanted him on my team. That gut instinct paid off. We worked and played hard for the following 15 years, growing the company to be one of the UK's largest motor dealer groups. Trev played an essential part and was a cornerstone of the senior management team.
Simon Dixon
Founder - Rockar.com

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